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This is one of the alloys produced in accordance with GOST 295-98, which serve to deoxidize (restore) steel, or are used in the production of ferroalloys by aluminothermic methods.

The aluminum content in AB91 is not less than 91%. The total mass fraction of magnesium in AB91 does not exceed 3%, the remaining inclusions do not exceed 9% in total.

AB91 – ingots from this material are used in ferrous metallurgy in reduction processes, in which harmful oxygen is released from the charge that serves as the basis for steel production in the form of aluminum oxides.

Chemical composition of AB91, %

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You can buy aluminum ingots from AV91 alloy directly from the SpetsProjectProgress manufacturer. We specialize in the manufacture of aluminum alloys. Being as supplier with high level of reliability allows us to have our own well-established production with a capacity of 1,500 tons per month and production-storage facilities of our factory with an area of 10 000 m2. These factors significantly reduce the risk of product delivery delays and allow us to offer the most affordable price for AB91 alloy in the region.

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You can also describe the details in the comments, what kind of scrap you have for processing!